Rank Player Name Description
1st Mystic The most powerfull player right now.
2nd Skill The highest enchanted weapon.
3rd May The most active and productive player in our server. Also he is the first who has got full S Grade.
Rank Clan Name Level
1st Prominence 6
2st Chill 5
3nd KarmA 5
4rd Rampage 4
5th CyBerZ 3
6th Elite 3
7th GlobalElite 3
8th Abyss 3
9th GRiD 3
10th HeroeS 3
Rank Player Name Class
1st Skill Mystic Muse
2nd Obito Necromancer
3rd Mystic Duelist
Wrath of The Player Name Weapon Type
Red Dragon May Red Dragon Edge {Focus}
Green Dragon Mystic Green Dragon Dual Edge
Blue Dragon frotta Blue Dragon Thrower {Focus}
Black Dragon Skill Black Dragon Caster {Acume}
Class Player Name Times Hero Currently Hero
Adventurer None 0 No
Arcana Lord None 0 No
Archmage None 0 No
Cardinal Skill 1 Yes
Dominator olYMpi423510 1 Yes
Doomcryer None 0 No
Dreadnought None 0 No
Duelist Mystic 1 Yes
Elemental Master None 0 No
Evas Saint None 0 No
Evas Templar None 0 No
Fortune Seeker BeMyTits 1 Yes
Ghost Hunter None 0 No
Ghost Sentinel Abcd 1 Yes
Grand Khavatari None 0 No
Hell Knight None 0 No
Hierophant None 0 No
Maestro None 0 No
Moonlight Sentinel None 0 No
Mystic Muse None 0 No
Phoenix Knight Carter 1 Yes
Sagittarius None 0 No
Shillien Saint None 0 No
Shillien Templar None 0 No
Soultaker frotta 1 Yes
Spectral Dancer None 0 No
Spectral Master None 0 No
Storm Screamer None 0 No
Sword Muse None 0 No
Titan None 0 No
Wind Rider None 0 No