Here is the L2 Wrathful features.
Our server is not pay to win. Everything is farmable.
We are not corrupt. This descriptions about our server is not include every features you will see everything others in the game.
We are believe in the balance between the players. We are prefer and care about the good feel of playing.


- We're running our server with Interlude C6, and of course it's running with L2OFF files with some dedicated L2Wrathful custom files.


- Xp = 50x
- Sp = 50x
- QuestsReward = 1x | DropQuest = 10x
- PetXpRate = 50x | PetFoodRate = 1x
- DropAdena = 35x
- DropItems = 15x
- DropSpoil = 25x
(We have ingame special currency for special rewards. You will see till you play.)


- Safe enchant Weapon: +4
- Safe enchant Armor: +4 (+4 also on full armors)
- Max enchant Weapon: +16
- Max enchant Armor: +16
- Rate of Enchant Normal & Blessed & Crystal (Armors,Weapons,Yewels) are used special enchant rates:

- Dwarfs on LvL 80 will get Enchant Bonus +5% in all case of enchant level.


- Once you spawn, or teleport somewhere you're protected for 10 seconds.
- If you move, use a skill or use an item then the spawn protection will stop.
- L2 Walker and other bots software protection.
- Not allowed dualbox in Oly or Events. ( 1 IP = 4 Character | 4 dual box are allowed! )
- Bypass Protection.
- Check system. ( Your items,enchant,name,skills and everything before and after you log in or out. )
- Flood & DDoS protection.
- GameGuard protection.
- DeadLock Check and Telnet Enabled.
- Farm Protection.

Automatic Features

- We've arranged so your character will automatically pick up drops from normal mobs.( Bosses will have to be picked up manually. )
- Our server use automatic DM,TvT,CTF,PCBang events.
- DM start at: 02:00;05:00;08:00;11:00;14:00;17:00;20:00;23:00; (Commands .dmjoin .dmleave .dminfo)
- TvT start at: 00:00;03:00;06:00;09:00;12:00;15:00;18:00;21:00; (Commands .tvtjoin .tvtleave .tvtinfo)
- CTF start at: 01:00;04:00;07:00;10:00;13:00;16:00;19:00;22:00; (Commands: .ctfjoin .ctfleave .ctfinfo)
- PCBang: After every hour you will receive 20 point.
- Skills are automatically learned.

NPC Buffer

- Buff durations are 2 hour.
- Max number of buffs are 34+4 With Divine Inspiration.
- Max number of schemes / character are 4.

Global Gatekeeper

- Every town has a Wrathful Gatekeeper which is including every important zone.

GM Shop

- Up to B - Grade.
- This shop has everything you need. Soulshots, Weapons, Armors, Potions and much more.


- Minimum clan level for request siege lvl 4.
- Siege Lenght is 2 hour.

PvP Zone

- You can PvP/PK anywhere except towns.
- After every kills you get special reward.
- Based PvP area is the old school Primeval Isle.
- Wrathful PvP Aura: Once you will reach 30 kill in row you will get an aura from the Dragons Wrath till you log out.


- Once you reach the LVL.61+ , after you have to farm ( spoil + craft with dwarf class ) materials for craft your stuffs up to A - S Grade.

- If you are full geared after that you can join raids / grand bosses party for get your special raid yewels.
- While you are in PVE mode farming and crafting for yourself you can also enjoy our balanced PVP with others in different maps. Our server is using official craft method that means the process may take time but also can get EXP/SP for the warsmiths.


- Away system: .away | .back 1 second action to go afk and comeback
- Online check: Use .online for check how much player online.
- Offline Craft&Shop: Use .offline_shop command after you opened your private store.
- Bank system: Use .withdraw or .deposit for changing your adena to GB directly.
- Color System: Name and Title color system are working in our server Clan Leader / PVP / PK / TOP PLAYERS and much more.
- Weekly Heroes with all day Oly gameplay.
- You are able to use also (.farm1 .farm2 .pvp1 .pvp2) for direct gk there.